Sunday, December 4, 2016

#LIGHTtheWORLD Day 4 Worship God

I have a confession, during many of the years I served on the Salt Lake City Council, I use to enter my church house doors at the front of the building, because they were closest to the chapel.  You see, if I entered the doors near the parking lot, I would often get stopped multiple times on the way to the Chapel with City Council related questions.  It wasn't that I wasn't willing to respond, but it was Sunday, and frankly I was there to worship.  Rarely a Sunday went by that I didn't have to respond to an inquiry. While I tried to avoid it best I could and rarely performed council activities on Sunday, having that day of rest made me not resent it more.  I personally needed to feel the spirit that Sunday worship brought me.While my service as Stake President puts me in many meetings, including often multiple Sacrament Meetings, I'm there to worship and find it a wonderful experience in my life.

I also love to attend the Salt Lake Temple and participate in sacred temple ordinances that while initially were for myself, subsequent visits are for those who have died to bless their lives as well.  The temple is really the great equalizer for all mankind, whether in this life or the life to come that provides a venue for those ordinances to take place.  On Saturday, I spent a couple of hours there, and it gave me time to think about things in my calling, my family and sometimes even work, as it pertains to an issue in which I'm struggling to resolve.  I am so grateful for that blessing in my life and the lives of the saints in the Rose Park Stake.

Our meetings are always open to you.  there may well be a building closer to you, but if you're in Rose Park, we have two meetinghouses.  One building is located at 760 N 1200 W or we also have one west of Redwood Road at 868 N Starcrest Drive.  These are not the only LDS Churches near you, so if you're trying to figure it out, check out Meetinghouse Locator on  We would love to have you come worship with us.

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