Sunday, December 11, 2016

#LIGHTtheWORLD Day 11 - Teaching the Children

Some of my colleagues at Salt Lake County have helped initiate locally a nationwide effort, titled Talking is Teaching intended to encourage parents to not only spend time, but start talking with their children.  It turns out that children who have more conversations with their parents  not only have a better relationship with them, but it also helps them in some crucial development years with their own understanding of words and other thought processes.  This has a profound impact in the years to come.  I love conversations with my kids.  I still think of some of the funnest ones are from their early years.  In fact every time I go by Christmas Lights, I remember my oldest daughter Jessica,, who referred to them as "hights, hights".  Now she teaches sixth grade.

Troy and Clarissa Bartholomew teach our nursery in the children's auxiliary called Primary in our congregation.  While they have served in a number of capacities, they love that interaction with 18 month to three year old children.  As they teach them the gospel, both are enriched from the experience.  We likewise are blessed when we take time to teach our own children, and the Mormon faith sets aside a time each week, called Family Home Evening. We have the opportunities to teach our children in our own homes. While not required to use these materials, you can find some helpful ideas on Family Home Evening Charts and Ideas found on

While I don't know much, I do know that the Savior loves the little children, and so can we.

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