Saturday, December 24, 2016

#LIGHTtheWORLD Day 23 - Peacemaking, a needed elment

I served in public office for 16 years and then the last three years (total of two decades) in an appointed role with government and peacemaking is an ever needed art by those participating in the process.  I've often told people that if my basis for making friends meant we would be in total agreement as a basis for that friendship, I would loose 2/3 of my friends.  While I don't necessarily need to change my moral positions, I do know that when I listen to others, I at least see other viewpoints and understand the differences.  I'm definitely not perfect, there are plenty of news stories or public records to remind me, but some of the most far reaching accomplishments of my service came in circumstances where two sides came together and found a place where we both could be satisfied with the outcome.  It's a never ending process, whether it's within our family, community or even in our places of worship.  However Jesus Christ admonished us to find peace and do things in a loving way.  While generally the optimist, I'm hopeful that some of the harsh dialogue of recent months might find a place of unity where at least respect can reside.

Joseph Smith, picture courtesy of LDS Church
While yesterday was my birthday and we spent a wonderful evening with my family, it was more importantly the birthday of the Prophet Joseph Smith founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  If you study the teaching and actions of Joseph Smith, he has a long history of making peace and being fair with others, even to the premature death of his own life when taken at the hands of a mob who attempted to end the work of God that he had begun.  Through the Prophet Joseph Smith were revealed many revelations, including the Articles of Faith which when you study them give you an a quick overview of our faith, but also gives us some great guidance on how we should treat and conduct our life.    Joseph Smith spent his life testifying as to the divinity of Jesus Christ and like today, reminds us that God has restored a living prophet to convey his message of peace, love and respect.

The Savior did bring peace to this earth, and so can we.

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