Wednesday, December 7, 2016

#LIGHTtheWORLD Day 7 - Jesus fed the Hungry - Transitional Services Office

As part of my service as Stake President, I have assignments beyond our own Stake.  One of those assignments is the Transitional Services Office at Welfare Square.  This is a location, that someone who is in transition, often passing through Salt Lake City metro area, sometimes, individuals who have found themselves homeless, or coming out of the correctional system without family or homes to reside. Service Missionaries are asked to interview them, determine needs and then give some basic items of assistance to help them with that transition.  If a prior Bishop can be determined, he is consulted with as part of rendering assistance.  With the exception of the correctional facilities, services are primarily geared toward members of the LDS Faith.  To avoid duplication of services, generous contributions are made to other organizations in the community and individuals are referred to those services.  However it should be noted, that many of the food products produced are contributed to food pantries, and often those who come out of the shelter system are referred to Deseret Industries to receive basic items and they re-establish their homes.

As part of my responsibilities, individuals or couples in the Salt Lake Rose Park Stake are asked to go down to the office and for two hours each day, help distribute lunches to those who have been asked to provide work for their assistance.  This food is prepared in kitchens at Church Headquarters and then brought in fresh daily.  The volunteers then assemble the food in sack lunches and distribute them among people being assisted for the day.  I try to keep the assignments at about six month intervals. While some ask to move on after six months, we have had some couples who ask me if they can continue.  It's all I can do from crying and thanking them for their faithfulness and love for mankind.  Some are active in our faith and others are not.  However each of them love Heavenly Father's children.  While it isn't fishes and loaves of bread, it is what the Savior would do.

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