Thursday, December 15, 2016

#LIGHTtheWORLD Day 15 - Music is good for the soul

When I first met Cathy in 1990, she had this list she had written as a young woman of traits she was looking for in a husband.  One of those was someone who was good at music and could sing.  She eventually crossed that one out and figured I had enough traits otherwise, so she kept me and said yes.  I love music, love to listen and follow it.  Truth be told, I follow The Voice on NBC pretty closely and while often I can't watch on broadcast nights, go back to listen to the those episodes on Hulu.  I love to hear Cathy and the girls sing.  In fact one of our first dates, Cathy was playing the piano that belonged to my mom and I think it was one of those things that made me first fall in love with her (besides those really cute looks).  Cathy had grown up singing with her family, performing for church and community events and while some of the in-laws now join them in singing, it's fair to say, I don't compliment that chorus!
Nielsen Family - Cathy is third from the right
Don't get me wrong, I still love to sing, I do so every Sunday.  Cathy says when I try, I actually stay on key but I just don't focus enough to be complete about it.  Music conductors keep wanting to use my deep voice in a productive way, but alas it hasn't happened yet.

A year or two into our marriage, my in-laws, who while of modest means, gave us their family piano.  It's one Dad Nielsen had restored and fixed the best he could.  It is a 1903 upright grand piano, that I can personally testify is as heavy as they come!  I moved it into our first home with the help of friends but have paid to have it moved since, including into our current home.  Well worth the money.  A few years ago, shortly after we moved into my family home, we had they piano insides restored.  I have no idea if it was a sound financial decision, but it was the right one for our family.  It is capable of playing beautiful music and I think I'm on heaven's doorstep when Cathy, Jessica and Sarah play its keys.  I'm ever so grateful for Mom and Dad Nielsen for caring enough about music and my family to give it to us.  It's allowed for piano lessons taught by Cathy, random playing by our girls and accompaniment at family gatherings.  When I hear good music in our home, I feel closer to my Savior.
Family Piano, with a historic picture of Salt Lake City by Al Rounds

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