Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Nose Hair Trimmers - Opening a whole new understanding of life

Well, I was afraid October would come and pass and yet no blog entry from me.  You would think with a new job, maybe finishing up my time on the City Council, recent LDS General Conference just something might trigger a thought.  However I have to say using my new Panasonic ER430 Nose & Facial Hair Trimmer this morning, really got me thinking!  It all got started back a few mornings ago. It was about 5 a.m. in the morning, I was there pondering life and decided to pull out my iPad.  I don't really have any friends that like me, so looking at Facebook didn't make sense, the news was depressing because the Federal Government was shut down even though I'm required to adopt a balanced budget by June 22 each year for Salt Lake City, so I decided to go do some browsing through my Amazon App.  I remembered the other day that I dropped my old, and frankly pretty ineffective nose hair trimmer and since I do have Amazon Prime, figured it would save me a trip to Wal-Mart or something like it.  

I love the reviews on Amazon and can't figure out why 10 people have success with a product and there's got to be one person who can't really figure out life or their equipment.  I mean, how do you screw up using a nose hair trimmer?  What kind of person is that dysfunctional?  What would it be like to be married to that person or have them as your child?  Yes, Heavenly Father does love them, but it has to give him some pause as well.  Well I found this real beauty for something just over $12.  It qualified for Prime.  I actually ordered a new razor while I was at it, because my current one is getting old.  That cost me about $50, but I did get the nose hair trimmer for only $12!

This morning, a AA battery and I was on my way.  This new Nose Hair Trimmer has a vacuum component to it.  It's suppose to pick up the hairs that have been cut.  I have to say, that it made me wonder why when someones hair quits growing on their head, does it still grow out their nose or their ear?   Why is that you can seem groomed one day, and the next morning it's 1/2" below your nose opening?  Are any of the women in my house, secretly using my trimmer and unwilling to admit it?  These were pretty deep questions for me.  

I will have to say, when I finished, I did the ultimate test. I blew my nose into at tissue, and no tiny hairs.  Wow, a new world and a new experience for me.
The new Trimmer - Amazing action on one battery!
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