Sunday, April 28, 2013

Two more days to Register - 6 Weeks to a Healthier You!

In Six weeks to a Healthier is under way.  However while there are actually about five weeks now,  it's not too late to register. A Healthier You, a joint project with Salt Lake County Northwest Recreation Center teamed up with me, to give people a chance to start to make a change.  Now through the end of April (two more days), you can register for an easy but effective program in looking at different ways you can be healthier.  Many of you have actually registered and are participating, but if you're sitting on the fence, get over it and get it done.  Each participants will receive a T-Shirt and be eligible in completing half the items to be submitted for a drawing for some fun prizes, including an iPod.  Each participant will also receive two free passes to the Northwest Recreation Center as well.  You just need to be over 10 years of age, and be willing to start somewhere!

So far, I've walked a 5K, participated in walking with yours truly and are looking forward to a handful of free activities that are available for participants in the program.  I've been impressed thus far to see a mixture of everyone to the very fittest to some just wanting to start somewhere.  On the walk we did a few weeks ago, participants received a chance to get to know others, some gave up speed to help others along and overall we were reminded of what a great neighborhood we live in.  The upcoming 5K associated with the Rose Park Festival also counts, so register for it, and get one more item checked off the list.

My thanks to Kay Cameron and her staff at the Northwest Recreation Center for making this happen and putting some great resources into this offering.  If you haven't been there lately, go check it out.  My thanks as well to council staff who have helped coordinate things and to Intermountain Medical Center and the My Heart Challenge which got me started a year ago myself, and which competition and $1,000 prize for most improved, gave me the opportunity to do this for the residents and employees of the West Side.