Saturday, December 3, 2016

#LIGHTtheWORLD Day 3 - Helping the blind to see

This one has definitely hit home, and due in large part to the work of our youngest daughter Sarah Christensen.  Sarah has spent most of her High School years, being trained and then training guide dog puppies for the blind.  I was the reluctant dad, who wasn't sure he wanted a puppy in the house. I wrote a year ago about this reluctance in a story you can read called Daughters and Dogs put Dad at a Disadvantage!  Well needless to say, we are on dog #3, Oceana.  We don't choose the names, but they definitely become part of our family.  Below, is a sweet and tender moment, where Sarah was able to hand off her first dog to someone who was blind.  It's a bitter-sweet moment, because you truly become attached to the dogs, and yet we know it's for a greater purpose.  Sarah, who takes the dogs daily to school and other locations, has her heart tugged in so many directions during the experience, but exemplifies the Savior's love for those who can't see.

Sarah's 2nd dog, Orchard, was nearly at the point of graduation,when an accident happened with a blind person training with him, which caused him to be career changed.  Faced with the opportunity to bring him home and have him become a permanent part of our family, or allow him to try and be trained as a service animal for those who are hearing impaired, Sarah, with a full heart, gave permission to see how he would do with this new calling.  While still in training, we were encouraged with a report this week that he is progressing in this new assignment.

While still the grumpy dad, I'm so proud of our daughter and her selfless service to God's children.

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