Friday, December 9, 2016

#LIGHTtheWORLD Day 9 - Say hello and make someone's day

I love the concept of this video clip, just picking someone in our everyday lives that through a minor gesture, just changes our attitude about ourselves.  I don't lack for friends, and seldom do I sit by myself.  In fact, often I yearn for a few quiet moments without meetings or interruptions to just think and enjoy a little "me" time.  However there is a daily interaction that happens for me which simply makes a huge difference in my life.  I work at Salt Lake County and there is gentleman by the name of David who delivers our interoffice and other mail each day.  David works through the whole building, so it isn't uncommon for me to run into him from once to three times each day.  He is always positive, often calls me out as I walk down the hall and with him you know it's genuine.  Not that there isn't genuine interactions in a political setting, but with him, you know it's true.  David even occasionally sticks his head into my office when he comes to my suite, to simply say hello.  While I often look for opportunities to reach out to others, I just really appreciate the kindness David shows.

No one exemplifies the example of the Savior in this way than our current Prophet, Thomas S. Monson.  In fact, numerous stories and examples are spoken about in efforts he has made to lift someone else's life.  He is famous throughout the world for his efforts.  I read this story about his grandfather and it's no wonder that he received the example he did growing up.  We likewise can impact the lives of our children in a similar way.  I've watched my own children and their interactions with others.  They watch us, way to closely.  I remember as a Bishop, visiting the 70 or so widows or single members of my ward.  I was young with just a small girl who was four or five.  I decided to take her with me on those visits to have her help deliver the Christmas favors we had prepared.  I was touched by the impact she had in homes where we were let in for a visit.  As I've watched both Jessica and Sarah grow up and take on similar traits, I'm grateful for their willingness to do good.

I don't think we really know in what simple circumstance that we will impact the lives of others.  We clearly aren't perfect, and I'm certainly not.  In fact, I've returned to some individuals after the fact, and apologized for my short reactions.  However, every little gesture does impact others, and I'm going to try and work better to keep that in mind.  I know the Savior would want me to do it.

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