Sunday, August 25, 2013

Transitions in life create new opportunities

This last week has definitely been a week of transitions for both me personally as well as my family.  Jessica headed back to Utah State as she continues her effort to teach elementary school, Sarah started High School at Innovations High and I started a new job with Salt Lake County.   Cathy as usual is the stabilizing force!  After 8 1/2 years with Zions Bank, I took a position in the Cabinet of Mayor Ben McAdams for a newly created position as the Director of the Office of Regional Development for Salt Lake County.  You may have remembered the blog about Ben that I wrote in the 2012 election cycle and while we don't share political parties, we do share a hope and desire for good government and bi-partisan effort to make Salt Lake County a regional leader in the State of Utah.  Looking for better ways to use precious resources more wisely as well as lead out on discussions that help shape a county destined to double in size in the next 20 to 30 years, with limited land space to do it.  We both recognize that if we wait for that future to come without planning for it, we will get a future we don't really want.  Being smarter, more innovative and resourceful in working with other regional partners will be crucial in moving forward.  Mayor McAdams campaigned on it, and I'm grateful he has given me an opportunity to work with many others to see it gets done.

It was with great thought and appreciation that I parted with Zions Bank.  They've been extremely supportive of my public service and I have the utmost respect for them as an organization and the people who I had the honor of associating with during those years.  They have and will continue to play a vital community partner in many ways for years to come.  I am especially grateful to Scott Anderson, Zions President and CEO who has been such a community leader in so many ways.  It's not by chance that he and Harris Simmons were recently chosen by the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce as Giants in the City.

After week 1, I've learned much, still pretty much lost in the halls of the Government Center of Salt Lake County, but as I work to get my hands around things, I look forward to taking 16 years of public service and continue to use it for all the residents of Salt Lake County. Supporting Mayor McAdams in his initiatives and with the County Council and their policies will be a new role for me, but one which I feel very comfortable.   It will be a busy four months as I finish my term on the Salt Lake City Council and will miss my daily associations with many at City Hall, but will be glad to work with many in a new role with not only Salt Lake City, but the other fine cities and unincorporated areas of Salt Lake County.