Sunday, May 12, 2013

Cathy - Happy Mother's Day!

Family Photo after April General Conference 2013
Cathy, you know better than anyone, that I'm pretty mediocre when it comes to cards, but for some reason I like to write about it and tell the whole world.  So this year, rather than send you a card that someone else wrote that says, "I wish I could tell the whole world what a great Mother you are..." I thought I would!  I don't think I ever imagined in walking down this path together, that while it would definitely have bumps, we've also enjoyed some beautiful vistas together.  Probably the two greatest joys for both of us have been Jessica and Sarah and I see you coming out in them more every day (mostly in a good way)!  I just thought it appropriate to share a few pictures and comments of that journey together.
Cathy & Jessica mowing the lawn together - always working side by side with the girls
I have always loved how you work side by side with our girls, sometime with a little persuasion and sometimes more willingly.  I think as they grown older, they appreciate that it makes the difference and the skills that some think are rare, have become commonplace for them.  As Jessica moves away from home, it's been fun to see how much of the patterns of life you've taught her show itself in so many ways.

While our children did not come as expected, the joy that came from having Sarah also join our family was such a welcome news after eight years of waiting, that words can not express was joy that brought to my heart.  It was almost like starting over again, as we got use to the changes, but can't think of what life would be with out her or Jessica.
Cathy holding Sarah on her blessing day

I know one of the joys of our girls is how well they work together on things.  Jessica has been a great example for Sarah and her willingness to be patient in that relationship has truly been a benefit to both!  She continues to be such a great example to both girls and each brings a special joy to our hearts.

Jessica pushing Sarah in the Children's Parade
I think one of the things I most admire in you, is your love for your own mother. I see so many qualities of her come out in you each day and it's been fun to see those pass down to our own girls.  I know you're grateful for the trial and challenges faced by those women in your own family and fun to see those traits emerge in our own girls.
Cathy, Jessica with her mother Lois Nielsen & Grandma Greaves (four generations)
I would also be remiss if I didn't express my thank for the love you showed to my own mother.  You allowed me to live next to her for those first fourteen years of our married life, doing much for her and appreciating what she added to our family.  You allowed her to join us and be part of many activities, for which I will be forever grateful.
Final leg of the Torch run that began at Backman Elementary
Carlton, Verda Mae Christensen, Cathy holding Sarah and Jessica holding the torch
I thought about including the pictures that we took shortly after our girls birth, but sixteen years of politics has taught me that sometimes that best things said, is the stuff that never leaves your lips or in this case, never posted publicly!  Thanks for this journey together and for being such a wonderful mother and example to our children.  Happy Mother's Day, love Carlton.

On Top of it All!  From the roof line of the Salt Lake City & County Building
Sarah, Jessica, Cathy & Carlton