Wednesday, December 14, 2016

#LIGHTtheWORLD Day 14 - Clothing the Naked - Sharing your talents

We all have a few extra clothes in our closet.  On of the challenges of our Rose Park house, is that our closet isn't that big.  My wife and I have a rule, that for every new piece we add, we send one to Deseret Industries.  They do so much good in our community but there are similar charities everywhere that deserve our contributions and do much good for others.  We also should be looking for opportunities to share, and identify needs that we might fill.  My mother was always looking for something for others.

Earlier this year, a friend who serves in a clergy role within a correctional facility had an individual who was tall, and while had to spend the night at the facility, could go out and work during the day.  He called and indicated, he couldn't find any clothes for that individual's height to fit him and much of the work he did was within a law firm.  I had recently had a suit made in Thailand (only place I can find them to fit my 6'10" frame) but it didn't quite fit as well as I would have liked.  I also had a number of white shirts, that while still usable, were a little small for me but could fit someone who was tall.  I took all of them, including a pair of shoes and turned them over for my friend to use with this individual.  I have to admit, that I had to pause for a little bit because the suite wasn't cheap, but I also realized that in the Savior's eyes, what I had really belonged to him and that's where there was a need.  I've not missed those items, and I hope they helped him accomplish what he needed to do.

I'm grateful to a local business called And Sew On. They offer sewing lessons for youth and adults of which our Sarah has benefited greatly.  It's enabled Sarah to do a lot of projects, including for others and Carolyn Bradshaw, the store's owners has been kind enough to help us out on many occasions including recently as I needed shirts to fit me for our Youth Trek.  When you have a hard to fit body, someone who is willing to share their talents, goes a long way.

My mother-in-law makes these little bears out of scrap for
Primary Children's Hospital
While not clothing, my mother-in-law, Lois Nielsen makes these little bears for children at Primary Children's Hospital here in Salt Lake City.  Neighbors donate scraps and stuffing, and she sews them on a regular basis.  We have been the lucky recipients ourselves and our children feel the love they bring.  "Mom" is always questioning their value, but you just have to hug one of them to know it's immediate.  She does it so unselfishly, is of modest means herself, but it's a true donation of the heart that makes a child feel our Savior's love.  When the Savior said, "I was naked and ye clothed me" we can do so in many different ways.

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