Monday, December 19, 2016

#LIGHTtheWorld Day 19 - Preparing for the storm

One of the assignments given to me in my work at Salt Lake County is to have responsibility and oversight of our staff in Emergency Services.  Their work is to help plan and coordinate for post disaster recovery by communities as well as helping County Agencies prepare for continuity of operations in the case of an emergency.  I am far from an expert in the subject matter, but always feel compelled to error on the side of preparedness.  I try to have extra equipment in our cars, as well as some resources both in our home, my office at work and a mother-in-law's house in case we needed to ever locate there, or if my mother-in-law needed a resource herself.

Manual Transfer Switch added to our home

Last year when we installed our Solar System and the electrical contractor was on site, we decided to also have them install a manual transfer switch, which allows us to plug our generator in for emergencies and run our home during a power failure.  There are other simple things we can do to help us prepare for unforeseen circumstances. 

I think what is more important, is for us to be prepared spiritually, so we can stand the challenges that will undoubtedly come to us and weather those storms.  That only comes from methodical and consistent efforts to live the gospel. 

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