Wednesday, December 21, 2016

#LIGHTtheWORLD Day 21 - Forgiving can be difficult

Forgiveness can be difficult for anyone.  The Savior never told us it would be simple or not messy but failure to do so, ultimately holds us back.  Nearly 20 years ago, based upon some inaccurate information, I made a choice and signed a document that ultimately cost me money and has a long term impact on me and my family.  I spent money to try and remedy, but ultimately had to give up when the cost and potential challenge grew too much.  Since that time, I've held some strong feelings of regret and even resentment.  However I remind myself constantly that the only person at this stage this is really not benefiting  from that outcome, is myself.  My failure to forgive and move on, just makes me miserable and probably no one else.  There are many other things in my life to accomplish and perhaps others see that original action differently than I did.  Either way, I need to forgive and move forward.

I have always been touched by the story of Bishop Chris Williams and the young man who was driving a car while intoxicated.  The accident resulted in the death of his wife and two of his children.  While the pain was strong and the loneliness real, his willingness to seek the young man out and forgive him and hoping for his success had an incredible impact on my own life.  Watching the atonement of Jesus Christ work in all involved reminds me how much the sacrifice of God's own beloved son, had upon the world, which also included me.

Just over a month ago, we lost a nephew unexpectedly to a car accident, where two young men ultimately made some short sighted decisions that resulted in the lost of his life.  Our nephew's friend was driving but wasn't properly licensed.  His action let to an accident that ultimately took our nephew's life.  I was touched however by my brother-in-law and sister-in-law who worried about this young man, had him speak at the funeral and while the pain still continues in many ways, are hoping for the success of this friend.  Forgiveness is seldom simple, it sometimes take the most we can stomach, but when we are done, we are set free from those struggles of life as the Savior's atonement take a place in our own life.  The Savior forgave us, and so can we.

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