Monday, December 12, 2016

#LIGHTtheWORLD Day 12 - Learning from others

While my dad taught me a lot, he died when I was 10 years old.   Much of what I learned in my life came after that time, and it came from others.  I was grateful for many along the way, who were instrumental in my life that taught me either by example or in helping me learn a skill or technique.  One such individual was my Uncle, Millard Charles Laird Or MC as he was known was one such person.  He was my aunt's second husband and they moved from California just shortly after my dad passed away.  MC had just left a business that he owned where he moved mobile homes for clients.  As part of that, they had to do all the mechanical and electrical hookups to reinstall the units.  MC found similar work here, and on occasion would take me along to help. Sometimes there were family projects where he would show me how to do it, and then insist that I finish or complete it.  I did it on such a repetitive basis that I actually got pretty good at it.  I've done a lot of projects for myself and others when needed and still do a lot of small repair projects for others as service.  The other day, I fixed the heating element in my dryer, confidence that came from what MC taught me.

Frank Dahn was another person that had an effect on me.  He was a firefighter, that did plumbing on the side.  As Irish as they get, and was always concerned about my widow mother.  I would be working on a plumbing project, get frustrated and suggest that Mom call Frank Dahn to come fix it.  She would call, and a few minutes later, Frank would tell Mom, "Put Carlton on the phone" to which I would mumble, "that's why we called you Frank!"  Frank would then proceed to tell me how to fix it, and say, "If you can't fix it now, call me back."  Sadly, most of the time, I would then be able to fix it.  Still don't like doing plumbing much, but I can't tell you how many faucets I've replaced, toilets moved, or leaking taps repaired.  I even use to do water heater replacements but after breaking a toe when a water heater fell on my foot while taking the old one out, I've given that one up!

A few years ago, while shopping at Costco here in Salt Lake City, I ran into my old fifth grade teacher George Tsalaky.  I had Cathy take a picture of us and then wrote a blog about him.  A few years later when he passed away and I went to his viewing, his family had the blog posted along with other things he had done in his life and the thousands of children he had influenced.  That blog consistently stays in my top ten blogs written and so many look at it still.  He was such a kind and patient man and he loved all children and wanted them to succeed.  If there was an example of the Savior here on earth in how he dealt with the little children, it was George Tsalaky.

I know I need to work some on being more patient, sharing knowledge more with others and knowing how my actions are a form of teaching.  The Savior did teach others, and so can we.

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