Saturday, December 24, 2016

#LIGHTtheWORLD Day 24 - Caring for Others

This evening I called my dear friend Alice Telford.  I called to thank her for my birthday card.  It was a little on the edge, but funny and it definitely reflected our relationship.  I use to have the office next door to Alice at Zions Bank when I worked there.  Alice rode her bicycle long into her 80's and was known for her health and zeal.  While she could have retired, Alice chose to work to stay engaged and served mankind in a number of ways.  She and I would kid each other about politics, and she often brought in copies of the Salt Lake Tribune and said, "I know you don't read it, but I'm watching these articles for you and will bring to your attention things that matter."  She is so genuine and direct, I just loved my conversations with her and she has become a friend of our family.  A few years ago, she was driving when someone hit her car in an intersection at a high speed.  A healthy woman was nearly lost and she has fought back to get her health back.  While I've visited her on occasion, she continues to look out for me. Alice has had a number of articles written about her including one in the Salt Lake Tribune another one about her son John who died in the Vietnam War and one written by Lee Benson in the Deseret News.  Alice and I talked about a number of things and concluded by wishing each other Merry Christmas.

While Alice doesn't lack for friends, I'm always surprised how anxious she is to hear from me.  I think in reality we all have moments in our life, where we want to hear from others.  Showing that concern and interest in others is always a good thing. We are after all, the hands of the Savior in helping mankind.   While we may not always share the same faith, or same level of belief in that faith, we can still care for one another.

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