Monday, September 5, 2016

From holding my hand to my heart, my friend and my love

26 Years of holding her hand have been better than
I would have ever imagined!
A week or so ago, my wife Cathy took a challenge to post in Facebook for 7 days a picture of me, indicating why she loved and cared for me.  It was far more generous than I deserved, but I was grateful and it reminded me of what a great partner she has been for me.  Last year I wrote about our first date and then another piece about our 25th wedding anniversary.  Today, I just wanted to write about how much I love to hold her hand.

While for most, it might not be quite so eventful, you must remember that I was a shy person and holding a girls hand was not an easy social move for me.  In fact, it's fair to say that mentally, I tormented myself over it and my record of holding any girls hand was maybe once or twice.  However on my third date with Cathy, I took her to a Utah Symphony concert (tickets were inexpensive as a student) and I not only really liked her but had an impression that she was the right girl for me.  I tend to over-think things a lot, and this was no exception.  However I couldn't figure out how to initiate the process and Cathy was not making it very easy.  Her hand while visible, was no where to be found.  As we walked up South Temple from the parking lot on block 85, I decided that it was now or I would never have the courage to make it happen.  Having visualized it earlier in my mind, I mustered all the courage I could find, and asked Cathy, "What's that in your hand?" She lifted her hand to look at the inside of it, and then I slyly slipped my hand into hers and replied, "Oh I guess it's mine".  I thought it was very creative, to which I guess she did too.  She smiled, a little and then left it there.  Victory!

Cathy and I were engaged on Ensign Peak, but hiked up again
during the period of our engagement.
I'm pleased to say in the years that have followed, the encouragement to get Cathy to hold my hand isn't quite as intensive but nevertheless similarly satisfying.  We've held hands in a variety of social settings since, before Prophets, Governors, Community leaders, and crowds of thousands.  However for me it's still about the one and and in particular, Cathy.  She now not only holds my hand, but my heart as well and hoping that it never ends.