Sunday, February 11, 2018

Big Guys with Ties - Keeping it together

Solution not even imagined by the manufacturer!

Ok, I've written about some pretty strange things, but none quite so personal and challenging as my ties! When your are tall like me (6'10") and a pretty long torso, it's hard to keep my front and back part of my ties together.  I wear a suit at least five days a week.  On top of that I speak to different congregations weekly as Stake President of the Salt Lake Rose Park Stake in the Mormon Church or speak in my role as Regional Development Director for Salt Lake County and its always embarrassing to look down and find my tie going two different directions. I think after 40 years of wearing a tie, I finally found a solution that I don't think was in the minds of the manufacture, 3M when they marketed the product.

The problem you have at my height, is that the back part of the tie, doesn't go long enough to match up with anything that can hold it.  I've tried tape, both regular and double stick - doesn't hold.  I've had well meaning friends give me tie clips, but if you placed them where you would need them they would be two inches below the tie knot.  I had some ties custom made abroad, but very expensive and frankly didn't hold up well.  Those ties they sell in Men's clothing stores that say "extra long", well maybe if you're 5'8", but not for real tall men.  Silly as it sounds, those "extra long ties" are the ones that are just leaving me 3" to 4" on the backside when tied.

A few months ago, my wife Cathy purchased for me four different kinds of Velcro tabs or dots.  Some were super heavy duty and while they stayed on the tie permanently, they were also nearly impossible to line up afterwards and usually took three or four times to tie them to come close.  Made it very difficult to untie the tie because you had to work around the Velcro surfaces.  And if you pulled them off, left a very sticky mess.  But they did hold the tie together.
Demonstration on how the Velcro dots hold the
tie together
Then I tried the Scotch Create Fastener Dots.  They are fairly inexpensive, and do hold to the clothing.  However the beauty is they come off fairly easily if I just peel them off the tie with little or no residue.  I realized for the small cost and constant frustration of trying to line up the more robust Velcro dots, that I could just place these dots on for the day, it held my tie together and at the end of the day, I just peeled them off and threw them away and untied my tie like I normally do.  My days are often 14 hour days and they stay together most of the time without any extra effort on my part.  At age 52, can I tell you how liberating this was to me!  How normal it made me feel and most importantly how I didn't have to cover up for my tie becoming like an upside down V when talking to a crowd or just a co-worker.  I'm sure they are available in craft stores, if they were smart, a big and tall store, but save yourself the time and get them on and have it shipped to you in two days.  Now it doesn't solve the myriad of problems in the rest of my life but for now, my ties are keeping it together!

Sunday, December 24, 2017

#LightTheWorld with Luminaries tonight in Rose Park

This evening will conclude the Rose Park Stake's efforts in the #LightTheWorld effort as we follow the examples of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  After much preparation, dedication and sharing of personal testimonies, this evening, we do an outward example of that effort by placing luminaries in front of our homes and also sharing it with neighbors.  It is a small gesture that represents a much larger commitment as we share our testimonies with others.  I've written about it earlier in this blog, but invite any who are interested to join us.

Thursday evening, we invited members and neighbors alike to come to a wonderful event held in our parking lot of our Church Building that included music, propane fire pits for warmth as well as food. We not only were able to interact with each other but to also pick up a kit for the creation of 10 luminaries to place in front of our homes.  We likewise encouraged those taking them to also take one to share with a neighbor.  This was an idea, that came from our Stake's Cultural Arts specialist last year, Joni Astorga.  When she presented the idea, I questioned it somewhat, but then realized it was exactly the right way to end a month long effort.  She was receptive to the spirit and the Lord knew I was too set in my ways!  We learned a lot on the production side of things since last year, and while we were challenged with rain on Christmas Eve (when does that ever happen in Utah!), I was very touched by the faith of the members of the Rose Park Stake.

If you happen to live nearby and would like to participate, feel free to stop by my home or give me a call.  Or better yet, ask your neighbor, who is a member, if you can have one too.  We have some extras and would love to have them used.  The weather looks more encouraging and most of all, with our without luminaries, our light shines as an example of that commitment to follow his path.  Merry Christmas to you, Carlton.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

#LightTheWorld - What's really important in life when it's all said and done

I've written about my father, Robert M. Christensen but when I looked at this particular video, it reminded me of a wonderful dream he had shortly before his death that I included previously, but felt I wanted to share it again.  It continues to have deep meaning to me when I let the things of the world hold me down, I'm reminded time and again, what truly matters.  The older I get, (I turn 52 later this week), the more I am reminded what I can't do without, my family, my faith and my service in God's kingdom.  Sometimes after the pettiness of politics or undertow of the workplace, I come back to a place that says, this is what I want in the end.  I am grateful for employment and the opportunity to provide for my family and hopefully take care of Cathy when I'm gone, but in the end, it's the items in this dream that really matter.

From the Autobiography of Robert M. Christensen:

"On my first visit to the hospital in August of 1975, after being informed that I had a potentially terminal illness, I lay thinking over my life, my future and my family. A remarkable vision was given to me at that time. I first saw a large pile of goods, and I recognized them as my own physical possessions. With them were other worldly goods which I dealt with every day in my work at ZCMI. Suddenly, they disappeared from my view, and I did not feel the slightest desire to look for them or to inquire as to where they went. My vision then showed me three things: one was my righteous family, the second was my knowledge, understanding and testimony of the restored gospel, and the third was the work that I had accomplished in the building up of the kingdom of God. Then, as though the person were standing at my side, a voice spoke to me and said, “This is what life is all about. That’s all there is that is important. That’s all there is to life.” I was then filled with a very comfortable feeling that the Lord had accepted my work and my life.

I want my family always to remember this story, and to place their values on the spiritual rather than the material things. I hope they will live their lives in such a way that theirs will be the riches of eternity. I want my family to know that I know with all my heart that God lives and is willing to bless us constantly through our lives, and that he wants each of us to succeed in living the gospel so that we can return and live with him in the Celestial Kingdom. I know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, the Savior and Redeemer of mankind, that he is the Lord of this earth and that he stands at the head of this church today. He reveals his will to his prophets and to every righteous priesthood holder and member of the church who seeks for divine guidance.

I have a great belief in the Holy Ghost, and on many occasions in my life, the power of the Holy Ghost has descended upon me and given me the knowledge and help which I needed in accomplishing the Lord’s work. I believe that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the only true church upon the face of the earth. And it is only by membership in the church that we can receive the ordinances of salvation and the principles and doctrines which are needed for entry into the celestial kingdom. I believe in living prophets and that as members of the church, we need to follow the living prophets. While we glean much wisdom and guidance from the prophets of old, it is the living prophets who show us the way to go today. I leave this testimony for the guidance of my family, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."

Sunday, December 10, 2017

#LightTheWorld - A Testimony of the Book of Mormon

While serving as a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon) in Fukuoka Japan during 1985-86, I was assigned to a suburb of Fukuoka, in an area known as Ijiri.  I was serving as a zone leader when they asked me to speak and bear testimony at a fireside for new or investigating members.  

Pondering what I might say, I knelt down and prayed, asking the Lord for help.  I was timid about it, that while conversant, my Japanese was certainly not the best.  I had spent 9 months previously working in the mission home as Financial Secretary, and speaking opportunities were not quite as abundant.  As I knelt to pray, I saw a picture in my mind of the Japanese Book of Mormon.
Japanese Book of Mormon
 I had a very distinct feeling that I should testify of it, and when I finished my prayer, got up to write down a few thoughts, so that I could remember what I needed to say.  As I began to write, a very distinct impression came to me and a voice which said, "A testimony comes from the heart, not a piece of paper" to which I replied, "but you're not giving it in Japanese".  However I knew if I trusted in the Lord that when the time came, I could speak.

A few days came and the meeting started, and my turn came to speak, I held the book in my hand and began to testify of its truthfulness. (It of course fit in one hand, mine are pretty large!) I felt the words flow from my mouth in a manner that I never had before and spirit guided me in the words that I should say. My companion later remarked to me that he had never heard me speak like that before and a few weeks later, during a testimony meeting, a member commented how she had been in that meeting, heard the testimony and had chosen to read the book again.

More important, I was reminded how the book is true.  How I love it's teaching as it is another testimony of the Savior, Jesus Christ and that by reading it, we become closer to him and our Heavenly Father.  As we do so, the Holy Ghost will testify to you of its truthfulness, to which I testify, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

#LightTheWorld Fast Offerings - A way to respond to the Savior's call to feed the poor

There are many wonderful ways to respond to the Savior's call to feed the poor.  Many organizations do much good in answering needs around the world.  One of the most simplest and cost effective ways, is through a monthly opportunity, known as Fast Offerings.  In the Old Testament's book of Malachi 4:8-10 it reads:

8 ¶ Will a man rob God? Yet ye have robbed me. But ye say, Wherein have we robbed thee? In tithes and offerings.
9 Ye are cursed with a curse: for ye have robbed me, even this whole nation.
10 Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.

We often think of it just as tithing, but the Lord expects us to do more.  However in doing it, he offers an incredible blessings and promises.  In a true fast, we abstain from eating two meals in a 24 hour period and offer the equivalent of that cost of food (or more if we choose) as an offering to our LDS Bishop to use in caring for the poor as he sees fit and within guidelines set by the Church.  Through coordinated systems, offerings are first used in our local congregation and if there is more than needed, used elsewhere.  In some cases, if the needs are greater than donations, the Bishop can use excess fast offerings from other congregations in the needs of his own.  It's a beautiful system where you look to your own resources, that of family, and then food and basic necessities.  Much good comes from it, and most if not all families at some point are blessed from it, but certainly in giving to others.

A friend of mine, Bishop Dean L. Davies gave a wonderful address in General Conference a few years ago about both the responsibility and blessing of the the Fast, which I've included above.

There are those not of our faith, who are helped as well as donations to the Humanitarian Fund of the LDS Church go worldwide, including communities locally who are suffering from disasters and other challenges.  Those donations, while separate, also aide in the challenge issued by the Savior and can be made here.

Tomorrow is Fast Sunday, and today I made my donation for fast offerings as well as the Humanitarian Fund in preparation of that day.  How grateful I am for both the opportunities and blessings that come from such a sacred opportunity and charge from the Savior to care for the poor.  It's not the only way I choose to do it, but it is without question, divinely inspired and a blessing in my life.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

My Family - A blessing in my life!

Family photo, taken before my birth.  Since I was born after
the death of my brother, we do not have a complete photo
It's been a little while since I last penned something on this blog, and I thought with Thanksgiving today, it would be appropriate to express thanks for my family.

My Mother Verda Mae Christensen.  She was my cornerstone for much of my life.  Helped me through some of my most difficult challenges and reminded me that I should always be looking to help another.  She was my neighbor, my friend and my teacher.

My Father - Robert Christensen.  He taught me to love the simple things in life.  I idolized him and he taught me to love and serve in the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I still shed a tear or two from his death when I was 10 years old but he continues to teach me by memory and in some case, sweet and tender moments that remind me that life is eternal.

Elliott who became the Patriarch of our family.  He has been there at every turn of life, including how I met my wife.  He covered my student insurance when I didn't have a job, was a witness for my marriage and ordained me a High Priest when I was called into our Bishopric at age 25.  I am always grateful for his constant guidance in life.

Clayton who while world famous and well known by many notable people, has been a mainstay for me in many ways.  His generosity is endless and during a period of college while doing an internship in Boston, he gave up his car to me for 10 weeks while I put 5000 miles on it for work.  While his health challenges have been overwhelming by most of our standards, he continues to get through it and continue the work he was put here to do.

Milton is the brother I truly never met.  He passed away at age 11, six months before I was born, but I have been touched by stories of him and how much his life effected our family.  A year ago, I walked in our youth trek for him and while we never have been able to have a son, we contemplated naming that son after him.  I know my parents are grateful to once again be with him as they continue to do the work for our family.

Maribeth has blessed my life on many occasions and is a survivalist and has amazing optimism.  She made Cathy's wedding dress, working all night one weekend even though she had a heavy teaching load at Rick's College.  Maribeth was always one for adventure and it's been hard to watch her struggle with health and it's toll but she continues to skirt death and do what she can.  She is a loved teacher who put the student first and despite some institutional issues that made that difficult, she pushed forward and has never given up.

Spencer is a favorite in our household.  Well loved by our girls and we always look forward to having him stay with us.  He is often helping others around him in his Houston home, whether in natural disasters or just being a friend.  He works hard to provide for his family and loves his sons and new granddaughter.  I can always depend on Spencer for a good joke and interest in my latest project and I often take advantage of his generous nature to get his help.

Bradley was my best man at my wedding and has been by my side in nearly all my growing up years.  He works really hard to make things beautiful in this world with his nursery.  Brad often looks to the good in people and errors on the side of giving them the benefit of the doubt.  Frequently does quiet and generous acts to help others and while not perfect, knows God and strives to do what he can to follow him.  If I want the real truth to life and politics, just spend 15 minutes on the phone talking to him!

Nancy has been my constant through my whole life.  She loves her kindergarten students, her grandchildren and of course her family.  She has been an accomplice in my life to crazy projects like the sewing of my kangaroo costume and numerous art projects including graduation announcements for my children.  She was my neighbor for many years and has not been timid in using photo shop to place me in many historic events.  When you're doing a honk-n-wave for your campaign, make sure Nancy is there.

Everyone of my family have different traits and strengths and have blessed my life in so many ways.  My heart if full of gratitude of being born in a family as wonderful as mine.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

I like lights - Every Holiday Deserves a Celebration!

I have this fascination with holiday lights.  In fact, I usually do lights for not only Christmas, but Valentines Day (President's Day), St. Patrick's Day, Easter, 4th of July (Pioneer Day - State Holiday), Halloween,  and Thanksgiving.  Even during Christmas, I swap out my nativity scene on the front porch with a New Year's theme for a variation.  On top of the holidays, I've also been known to put up lights for the Olympics, and occasionally, I even set up a lighted "U" for the University of Utah vs BYU Football Game.  Definitely on the obsessive side, but fun nevertheless.  This love affair, really started with the Christmas after my father died in 1976 (see related post).  He usually put up some lights, although not very extensive.  However in that Christmas following his death, I realized as a young 10 year old boy that if I didn't do it, that they might not get done that year.  Those early years were far from a spectacular spectacle, but they did add color to the holidays.  I also didn't understand too much about electrical loads and it is a wonder the house didn't burn down!
Cathy and I owned the house next door to the family home at
830 N 1500 W, which is really where the obsession started
We really have only lived in two houses in our 27 years of marriage, and they just happen to be next door to each other.  I think we would really stick out on the street but our neighbors across the street, Dennis and Linda McKone also have lights for exactly the same holidays.  I've teased new neighbors that the owners association (of which there is none) requires their participation, but for the most part, with the exception of Christmas, it has been Denny and Linda's home and ours.  It's technically not a competition but Denny always seems to get his up a day or two ahead of me.  He usually does his in good, sunny weather, I'm usually out there at 10 p.m. at night often in inclement weather trying not to kill myself.  My daughters have a favorite activity each holidays, which is to report to me that Denny and Linda already have their lights up.  The one time, I thought I bested them, it turned out Denny had been in the hospital and when I realized it a few days later,  I felt pretty bad about doing that victory dance.  They have been wonderful neighbors to us.
Denny and Linda McKone's House
A few years ago, we installed a solar system on our house.  It has helped defray costs, but doesn't do to well in the winter when snow sits on the panels.  As you can see from the usage history below, December/January is my highest utility use time.  It's ok, it brings me a lot of joy, but not too efficient!
I have been slowly converting lights as they wear out, to LED, but it's a gradual process, I do have a lot of lights!  Earlier, I wrote a blog about Christmas decorations that people gave me for my backyard.  One of those items are the old Christmas wreaths from Bountiful, UT.  Needless to say, they are beautiful but not very power efficient.
Christmas Wreaths purchased Surplus from Bountiful City
by my friend, Fred Ross
Dennis and Linda McKone's Home - We watch each other's
Fireworks on the 4th of July

Annual 4th of July Ice Cream Social and Fireworks

While lights just were put away for July, they will be back in October.  If you need a little holiday cheer, just be sure to drive down 1500 West in Rose Park.  Eventually that Homeowners Association will force compliance from the rest of the neighbors!
St. Patrick's Day