Sunday, September 2, 2012

Midway, UT - halfway between here and Heaven

Sarah Cathy and Jessica after our bike ride in Midway
to and from Swiss Days
 Saturday we went and celebrated our Swiss heritage and took advantage of beautiful scenery and fun surroundings.  My brother and his wife are building a beautiful home in Midway and we had the chance of stopping by and then riding over to the festivities on Main Street.  In order to properly celebrate, I took my Swiss flag with me and left it in his yard while we went riding.  Recently, through family history research, we learned we have some Swiss Ancestry, which reminds me even more why I like Midway. 

There are a lot of beautiful communities in the "Wasatch Back" but I really love Midway.  Their Main Street is a welcome home to all walks of life and you don't need a Hummer to feel at home.  In addition there are many place to bike, and some great places to eat.  I just love "The Store" which gives you access to the essentials and reminds you of what makes small towns fun places to live.  We enjoyed the many vendors, food and interactions with people.  On the bike ride over to Swiss Days, Sarah said, "Hello" to everyone we passed and in addition to quickly riding past them them and not having to do the park and shuttle stuff, felt pretty liberated to come and go as we chose.  They do need a bike corral and there is room for a few bike lanes, but I can see it coming and with lot of potential.

Cathy and I have really enjoyed our bike riding in Midway!

I did have my first bike accident in a long time, pretty stupid one at that.  I missed a turn on a bike path, went off the path to find a steep incline and slid about four feet barely missing some cow dung!  Sprained my thumb, scraped my knee and have a few bruises but my bike is usable and I lived to ride another day.

Of course, I'm hoping no one reads this blog, because I don't want the rest of you finding how nice Midway is so it doesn't become like some of the other places that have lost their small town feel.  I love my city, but Midway is a great place to visit!

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