Friday, September 28, 2012

Dorky but Safe!

Carlton showing off his new (used) iPod and his head lamp
 There are times in my life, where I hesitate to ever show a picture such as this to my older sister Nancy.  She is very artistically oriented and well, let's just say she has put me in very interesting scenes and scenarios.  I'm not entirely sure I plan to show her this one, and with her aging years, I'm optimistic she'll just pass right over it!

I've come to a point in my life, where I've pretty much blown off dignity and most of my vanity for the sake of safety.  Especially after crashing twice on my bike this month, the last while trying to start an app on my phone while riding with one hand.  The pain that was inflicted, simply hasn't made whatever I had hoped to gain from using that app, worth it.  It's with that spirit, that I wanted to show off my headlamp flashlight that I've started using while I walk in the early mornings.  At first I contemplated the visual experience for others, but the lure of seeing where I was walking (the bumps in the sidewalks), having my hands free to adjust my iPod, or take an oximeter reading of my finger or just being seen by cars as I cross our neighborhood streets.  This $4 headlight has been well worth it and I know that secretly, every neighbor out walking, wishes they had their own.  Watch me trip next week and smash it on my forehead leaving me at a diminished state for the rest of my life, but in the interim, you know I'm safer!

I'm also demonstrating my "new" used iPod.  Sarah helped me pick it out on Amazon and while I've had an iPad, it just didn't fit in my pocket very well when I exercised.  I had an iTunes account, and Sarah, taking advantage of it, has added some to it.  However I'm always open to some suggestions.  I need good exercise songs, so if you want to share with me your playlist, publicly or privately, I'll see if I like your stuff and if I do, will probably buy the songs. If I don't, I'll probably write a blog about your playlist and why it isn't any good....

Next time you see that beacon of light coming down your street, know that it's either an alien, me, or both!

Postscript:  I now add a second one on the back of my head, with a red light on, tail light!  Now there is a sight!

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