Sunday, September 23, 2012

Odie and the Pig

Odie, our new calf comes in the pen
for dinner
While one might think that it was an old Elton John song, Odie and the Pig, are the newest acquisitions in the Christensen Family is much more than music.  You see, aside from the advantage of the quality in raising your own meat, we are hedging against price increases for next year, when the effects of this year's hot weather and drought in parts of the U.S. catches up with the market place.  Plus, it's just kind of fun to see how our food, really does get to our tables.

Those of you who are neighbors to us in Rose Park, may be wondering where these new additions are hiding in our backyard, but you're not going to be able to turn me in on this one!  Thanks to Cathy's brother Bill and his wife Shari, our new additions are being raised at their place, west of Ogden in Taylor, UT.  Bill and Shari, who have raised animals themselves for a number of years, took pity on us and agreed to help us acquire both a calf and a pig.  The calf came named by the family who sold it to Bill, and we liked the name Odie.  It seemed to fit and besides you don't want anything too sentimental, knowing that this year it's in the pasture and next year in your freezer!
The Pig (one of the three) is male and enjoying some
rotten tomatoes we brought with us to share with them.
They love tomatoes!
The Pig has a shorter outlook on the horizon, probably in February, but is a cute little thing and enjoys non-meat table scraps and leftover produce along with grain.  It's interesting to realize they do better with a little competition in gaining weight, when there is more than one.  Reminded me a little of myself and older brothers...maybe that's how I got so tall!

Cathy's brother Bill, convinces Odie
that it's time for dinner!
We were reminded the hard way, that raising animals has it's risk.  Bill and Shari, who also got a calf at the same time to raise along with Odie, lost it suddenly without any advance notice, and subsequently the investment that went along with it.  I'm reminded again, the risk farmers go through every day, in bringing stuff to our tables and we definitely take it for granted.  Our thanks to Bill, Shari and family for their willingness to help us out (and hold our hands through the process).  We look forward to the "circle of life"!

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