Saturday, June 16, 2012

The West View - Thanks to the resident who voiced his support of me

I would first say, that I appreciate the efforts of those who produce and write any community news, especially those working on the West View.  Having an outlet like it, provides information for many about the events happening in our community.  I certainly respect them for their effort and any news in general is good for our community and I definitely think it's important to our democracy in general.  I've also had numerous articles written, in which the take or slant did reflect well on me, and frankly some it is deserved and some of it isn't.  I usually just let it go because seldom is there much recourse and not usually worth the effort.

However in the recent publication of the West View, there is a quote from a Little League Baseball President, that would infer that I don't care or haven't made any efforts to help their League or their facilities.  I wasn't given a chance to comment, nor was my feedback sought in the article, to which I'm disappointed. That's part of the deal.  I suppose the troubling part of the quote was the misrepresentation of what efforts have been made. 

A few years ago, when the Board of Health threatened to close down many of the concession stands in the city for code violations, it was I that raised the question and sought funding in hundreds of thousands of dollars to go back and upgrade facilities, including the one in Rose Park.  A few years ago, when they hosted a significant regional tournament, I secured a donation that allowed them to show the movie Sandlot to visiting players and the community as part of the effort.  And recently, in response to an email looking for donations to support an upcoming tournament, I actually have been working to help them obtain donations.  Additionally, in this current budget in which we're working, I'm trying to get approved $185,000 for renovation of the football concession stand, which is facing similar Board of Health issues. 

I've never played in little league sports and while my girls have played county rec softball and Jr. Jazz, haven't really had children in them, but I do know they play a critical role in our community and in helping our children.  Frankly it's not a majority of the children, but nevertheless it's an important part and these facilities allow the leagues to provide play opportunities for children who can't always afford the fees.  Those who donate their time, have done so with a commitment to help the kids and I really applaud and thank them.  Do I wish I could do more?  Absolutely.  In coming out of the worst economic times of recent history and maintaining important and critical services has not been easy.  In times where cities have laid-off police and firefighters, or left positions unfilled, we have been able to maintain ours.  Some things have had to suffer and we are trying to restore some of them.

My thanks to the person who knew me well enough to express their view to the paper.  It meant a lot.

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