Sunday, June 24, 2012

50:50 Odds I can live with!

My official time!

Generally when the odds are 50:50, it's not exactly encouraging.  In fact, in politics, you'll probably lose the election because enough people will change their minds on election day.  However, when it's your time on your first 5K run (really I walked most of the way) it is a personal accomplishment, especially considering where I started 90 days ago.  I've lost 45 pounds, just got a new suit that is two sizes smaller and have actually started doing mental nutritional assessments on foods that I eat (I'm sure I need therapy for that one!).  I never pictured myself making that level of change, in just a short period of time.  Granted, I knew I needed to do something, and I was feeling pretty discouraged, but I doubted myself as to whether I was capable of doing it. 

Not all has been perfect and a family party or something like it, can set me back a few days, but I've been able to work my way back.  I don't really want to be where I've been and I actually want to do more.  Having family help has been great and I really appreciate Cathy, Jessica and Sarah for all participating with me. In fact, dragging Cathy and Sarah out of bed yesterday morning to participate was true love at its finest.  While Jessica had to work and couldn't join us, having the other two with me was very helpful.  I think the true level of commitment came when Sarah had to bow out after the walker's distance because she wasn't feeling well.  Cathy allowed me to push forward to try and keep up my time.  I didn't expect to see her for the remainder of the race, but about 1/3 of the way through the last lap, she came running up to me and had worked herself around after seeing Sarah safely through, to finish the race with me.  Frankly it's pretty reflective of our whole marriage and she is an amazing woman.

While my times were nearly 3 times longer than the fastest time and most of you out there who have done it could easily beat it, nevertheless was an accomplishment to which I'm proud and grateful. Thanks to the folks at Intermountain Medical Center and TOSH, in particular Meagan Kline and Kary Woodruff who worked with me and gave me encouragement to make some changes.  So seldom are things in this life one without the other and that's certainly true with our physical and mental fitness.

For the record however, don't count on me for any marathons.....
My assigned number - a first for me to have pinned on my shirt!
I thought about keeping it on, but didn't think the shirt would wash well...

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