Sunday, April 2, 2017

#PrinceofPeace The true answer for the questions that bring us lasting happiness

It has always been challenging in life to watch others who desperately are looking for answers to happiness or solutions to life and look everywhere else but towards the Savior, Jesus Christ.   It's not that their efforts aren't genuine nor their efforts substantial, I even have to remind myself when frustrated with a circumstance that I am looking in the wrong direction for an answer.  I've even watched some very good people who live one aspect of their life in one way and apparently their beliefs in a different way.  The true answer is that they should really be the same.  I definitely know I'm not perfect, nor has there not been moments in my life where others might say the same.  It is for that reason alone that I'm grateful for the Savior's atonement that provides me an avenue to improve.

As we approach the Easter Season, I am reminded the greatest gift he could give us all is a knowledge that he wants us to be able to return to our Heavenly Father, to be with him and to be forgiven of our sins if we just repent and come unto him.  There is much good in the world, much of it silent in nature and done with kind gestures even from strangers to strangers.  The world is in need of more kind gestures, a spirit of peace and one in which we follow the Savior's path.  While not recognized in his earthly life the way others might expect, the Savior taught us true selfless service and with such a genuine way that his example will always be our pathway home.

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