Friday, April 7, 2017

#PrinceofPeace - Peace coming through faith

It's pretty difficult to not shed a tear when you watch this video.  I think we all have struggled at times with a circumstance either in our lives or with others that we love, that despite their faith, the trial seems so unfair.  Recently, a couple who are good friends, after many years of waiting were expecting a beautiful baby girl and all seemed to be on track.  However circumstances changed, the baby was delivered way too early and only lived for a short time.  We ask ourselves in circumstances like this, why must they suffer so much, when in some case babies come and aren't cared for yet live a life of struggle and sadly abuse.  With the agency that God has given us, also comes the bitter-sweet moments of our faith, which help us endure the outcomes.  Some are very joyful outcomes and others of great heartbreak.

Even in those most difficult of circumstances, we feel our Savior's love and in fact does bring us peace.  It isn't that the pain has gone away, but we realize a much deeper love than a sheer moment in this life sometimes brings.  Sadly tragedy does come to each of us, and sometimes in the most unexpected way.  While there are no guarantees on how our lives turn out, and it would be easy to let fear keep us from moving forward or trying anything new, we also do not grow without the exercise of faith.  With that faith, however, we also gain more joy and peace.

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