Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful for this year's success!

On Thanksgiving Day, I'm thankful for a lot of things, not the least of which is my family.  They're the best, stood by me through tough and happy times.  Don't know what I would do without them and pray that never happens.  I'm so proud of Cathy, Jessica and Sarah and the fact they are willing to call me partner (spouse) and Dad, that I can hardly stand it.  Excited to spend the day with them. 

Trax Trains now testing and running on North Temple
Likewise in public service, there are projects that you work on for a long time, and somehow never think they actually will come to fruition.  Trax on North Temple is one of those that I've been working on since coming to office.  It was with some excitement the other day, driving eastbound on North Temple, that I watched a new Trax train, testing the track and crossing Redwood Road.  While not the whole solution for improving the west side of Salt Lake City, it's a huge step and I believe a catalyst in how others perceive it.  So much so, that one worry I hold is that in another decade, the area becomes too popular and prices push out many of those who have called it home and some of the traditional residents are not able to afford living here.  Good problem to have, I guess, and you can't control that outcome, but a change from today.

Looking west toward the City & County Building
out of the new Public Safety Building
Another project that has been exciting to see come out of the ground, is the new Public Safety Building.  I walked through it the other day, amazed at all the new and improved opportunities it will provide not only to the public, but the men and women who work to protect our community.   A net-zero building designed to use energy resources efficiently, it will provide some great opportunities and be a significant resource to us in good times and bad. 

Sarah George, Director of the Museum of Natural History of Utah

The final for me this year, is the anniversary of the opening of the new Museum of Natural History where I currently serve as President of the Advisory Board.  They just celebrated having in excess of 300,000 visitors, doubling the first year projection and receiving numerous award not only for the building but the talent that works in the building every day.  It's been an honor to not only have an association with such a fine institution but more importantly to have such a great resource not only for our community but the State and Intermountain Region. 
2012 has been a great year, of which I'm can truly say, I'm grateful!

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