Friday, November 2, 2012

I love these gloves- Their real job is not for fishing!

Sometimes known as fillet gloves, these
are my favorite work gloves
A few years ago, I came across these gloves at Harbor Freight, not in the work glove area, but over in the sporting goods section.  I was intrigued by them for a couple of reasons, first they had an XL size, which is hard for me to come by, and then they were only a few dollars a pair.  What I later found out is that they are the perfect work glove for me. 

First of all, they fit my large hands, but the rubber exterior is also great for picking up things, particularly stuff that is slippery.  They were thick enough that most poky things didn't penetrate, yet they breath, which make them able to breath well during the summer months. They also, because of their cost, didn't make you feel too bad if you ruined them on a project or got something on them.  It was easier to just throw them away.  Because of their inexpensive cost, I always kept a few pairs on hand, if I needed to give one to someone else.  I split wood, dug dirt, picked up branches, these gloves did it all.

Imagine my shock one day, in going into Harbor Freight to find out they no longer carried them.  I always thought they marketed them wrong by having them in the sporting goods area.  After all, the job to be done for these gloves were for inexpensive, comfortable covering of hands which was much broader than filleting fish!  I tried to find them online, at other sporting good stores, and even hardware stores, but no one, absolutely no one, could furnish the same kind of gloves at the same kind of price.

Falling into despair one day, I remembered that my good friend Dennis Martinson, was a wholesale distributor of all kinds of gloves.  He once lived in Rose Park, later moving to Cache Valley area, but we've stayed in touch.  The company he sells for, Golden Stag Gloves or actually had my gloves.  I can't tell you how psyched I was at the prospect.  Now granted, I don't get out much and it is hard to compare many of life's excitements to wearing a work glove, but when you have hands as large as mine and most gloves don't fit, you feel like a second-class citizen.  The other day, Dennis and I attended a Rose Park neighbor's funeral together and afterwards, he gave me the opportunity of buying all he had on his truck.  I once again have my favorite gloves to wear but now with more caution about making every minute with them count!

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