Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Getting through life with family makes a difference

Week three came and went and I continue to make some progress.  I did real well in the early part of the week and then gained some weight toward the end, but still had a net 2lb loss, which was actually the original goal.  The part that I have really appreciated over the three weeks is the support of my immediate family as well as that of extended family.  With some graduations from college last week, we had some family in town who wanted to actually go walking with me.  They were excited for my changes and wanted to be supportive of me.  I had never walked the newly finished portion of the Jordan River Trail from the "Chevron Mile" in Davis County to 1700 N by the new Northwest Middle School.  We decided to on the Legacy Parkway Trail at the end of Center Street in North Salt Lake and walked toward 1700 N, just over three miles.  I had the extra challenge of pushing my brother's grandchildren in a stroller, but I survived.    Part of my participation in the My Heart Challenge is trying to show a good example to not only my own kids but to others. The need for each of us to see if we can't make some improvements in our own health is critical.

Also in week three, I went on what I hope is the first of seven walks.  I invited my colleagues on the council to take me on their favorite walk within their district and the first one to take me up on the offer was my colleague, Jill Love, who represents Salt Lake City District 5.  She wanted to show me the McClellan Trail and some of the surrounding neighborhood.  It was not only informative, but we got our walk in for the day!

I also started using a fun app on some of my bike rides and walks, called, MapMyWalk or  It uses the GPS unit on my phone and tracks my route, gives me speeds and elevation and of course lets me post it to Twitter or Facebook.  Tonight I went on a ride with my daughter: (Jessica's Bike Ride) or a few days ago, I walked to work with Cathy (Walking to School with Cathy).  Again, it's been very helpful to have the support of my family and to share this experience with them.  They in turn have benefited and are making some changes too!

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  1. Keep walking, Carlton! I'm proud of you!! Let me know when you want to walk the hills around the Museum! I'll strap on my o2 tank "sparky" and we'll hit the trail!