Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lee Creek Natural Area

I've had the opportunity over the years to be part a number of public conversations and part of formal bodies to discuss, preserve and to try and recommend policies that respect multiple uses of Utah's natural areas. It's really been an interesting opportunity for me. I was one of the original 13 members of the Quality Growth Commission, which included then private member, Jon Huntsman Jr. and a county commissioner from Utah County, Gary Herbert. Over the eight years I served in that capacity, I became acquainted with a number of the land conservation and preservation groups and also got to know a number of local individuals from around the State of Utah. The Quality Growth Commission among its responsiblities, administers the LeRay McAllister Grants, used to match other dollars in preserving some of Utah's most critical lands.

I currently serve on the Great Salt Lake Advisory Council. Again as a charter member, asked by now Governor Herbert, to represent local government. It has really been quite interesting to begin to understand the competing needs on the lake, the delicate balance and the contribution it makes to our economy, not only in tourism, but a number of other industries as well.

As part of the City Council's efforts to reach out and talk about things happening in our community, we have started producing YouTube videos which are not only posted on the council's YouTube Channel, but run like commercials during the breaks of our council meetings, which is where I'm hoping they get viewed! As I look at some of the view rates of our current postings, while mine have done as well as most, we have a long way to go!

This interview is with Ella Sorenson and Wayne Martinson of the Audubon Society is the first of three segments we filmed that day as we looked at the work that the Audubon Society is doing, just outside my district. I've had the chance to work a little with both, and respect their great passion for the work and dedication in the preservation of critical lands for the birds and other wildlife. The Lee Creek area, on the way to the GSL Marina along the frontage road, is a great educational opportunity for those passing by, or someone looking for a nice sunset walk, either by themselves, or with a friend. I hope you'll enjoy. Special thanks to council staff which includes Brian who did the filming, Kristin who did the editing, and Janice, who has given staff support as I've served on these various boards.

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