Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day - I probably haven't done a lot right, but my girls are the exception

Carlton, Cathy, Sarah and Jessica
I've often been one to share my thoughts, but in the more formal political realm, it's difficult if not impossible to say what you really want to say.  Often it can be political suicide, which doesn't make blogging any better.  However there are times, when I just want to say it anyway, and take the brunt of the result.  I guess if I'm lucky, I'll get to say whatever I want, post it, and no one will ever read it, and thus never be offended!  While I do like doing the Facebook Status update it doesn't always convey what I want, and while sometimes I can find an article that reflects my thinking, simply posting a link doesn't cut it either.  Carlton's Corner is my attempt to voice my feelings and create whatever forum it creates.

I thought about writing about my frustrations of yesterday's Republican Organizing Convention, but for my first entry, and with it being Father's Day, it just seemed like a bad way to honor this day.  Somehow, Heavenly Father blessed me with two of the choicest girls I could have wanted.  Cathy, my wife, will probably insist (as she should) that she had some bearing on it, but I haven't ever figured out how I became so lucky to be their Dad.  I've had a lot of titles in my life, but its the three letter title of Dad, that makes me feel the most important.  We have this rule, that when you put a partially empty drink bottle in the fridge (for me it's usually Gatorade) you have to write on the lid who it belongs to, so it doesn't go forever without anybody drinking it.  Carlton is too long to write on a lid, but Dad works.  I can't help but think of how lucky I am when I write that term and what it means.  It isn't always easy and sometimes I'm not as good at it as I would always like to be, but nevertheless, wouldn't trade it for anything.  On this Father's Day I miss my own Father, who died when I was 10, but will be forever grateful for the impact he has had upon my life, and a hope that maybe I might have the same impact on my own girls.

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