Monday, April 28, 2014

Jessica receives her diploma from LDS Institute - the most valuable part of her education experience

Jessica has always been a great example to her
younger sister Sarah
Yesterday was a wonderful day.  I presided over my first Stake Conference and with my counselors, felt like we did our very best.  Feeling the spirit and conveying the feelings of your heart, is both emotional and physically exhausting experience.  However for me personally, the best part came later that day, as we traveled up to Logan, UT to watch our daughter receive her diploma for completing the requirements of Institute Graduation.  This semester, Jessica finished her classes with the exception of one this summer is set for graduation after she completes her assignments for student teaching this fall in Elementary Education.  I'll reluctantly acknowledge as a dedicated UTE fan, that her experience at Utah State has been the right choice and she has received a great education.  It hasn't been cheap or without some pain (thanks to Cathy's sacrifice to work to make it happen) but Jessica has also lived very frugally to make ends meet.  If theory holds correct, she'll graduate this December.
Cathy was looking for new wall paper for her phone and
rightfully has great pride in both her daughters
However the real joy of this whole experience has been her willingness to attend Institute and meet the requirements of her religious education.  Unlike some Church schools (including her two years at LDS Business College) where it is a requirement (rightfully so) this required her to take the classes on top of her normal class load.  None of her Utah State Grades depended on whether she followed through in attending class.  Even with attending an LDS Young Single Adult Ward, only a handful of the ward members actually received their diplomas or certificates for partial achievement.
Jessica with members of her Ward who completed a portion or all
of the requirements outlined by the Church Board of Education
Unlike her education that she'll likely to use periodically in her future employment, her religious education will be used every day of her life.  Don't get me wrong, her educational pursuits will be very helpful in her securing employment, mine was, but the benefit of her effort in religious education will be used every day in her life in how she interacts with people, in raising her own family and in sharing her testimony with those around her both in action and in word.  The cost of her obtaining this education was nominal, but the value priceless.  Congratulations Jessica!

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