Saturday, March 29, 2014

Fixing a toilet is a privilege!

The other day, I was visiting my mother-in-law Lois Nielsen and noticed her toilet didn't stop running after I flushed it.  After a little investigative work, I realized she just needed a new handle.  Fixing anything for her is never a burden, she is one of the kindest, most deserving people I've ever met.  She loves my kids for who they are, makes them feel valued and makes us quilts that keep us warm and remind us how important we are to her. Mom as I call her, always feels like she is troubling me when I fix something, but the reality is, I need the feeling of service in order to feel better about myself.  In fact, whenever I serve someone else, I almost always feel better about myself and to do it for someone I love and care about, makes it even better.

When the savior admonished his disciple in John 19: 26-27 as he worried about his mother and wanting to assure she was in good care, really set the example. I think about that often, when you think of the widows and others who would fall in the same category, not the least of which is our own parents, particularly our mothers.  I have a pretty good feeling that the Lord will hold us accountable on how we care for those special women in our lives.

It was my own mother, who helped me develop the skill sets to learn how to do repairs.  It wasn't that my mother knew how to do it, but she was willing to invest resources in me learning.  Frequently growing up, she would take me to the hardware store to get the necessary tools.  She was always having Frank Dahn, the plumber show me how to do things and my step-uncle, MC Laird, frequently would take me and show me how things were fixed.  As a fatherless boy growing up, my mother made sure I received the necessary training.  She was intent on my home not being subject to a home with a skill-less father or husband.  I've used those talents hundreds of times in the service of others, and each time, I do, I think of my mom and thank my Heavenly Father that she cared enough to have me care.

We have a fundamental need to serve. I do much on my own and in the community, but I also get the opportunity in my Church.  As a Home Teacher in the Mormon Church, I get called on frequently to help in service of others.  It's not a huge burden, but I know it's helpful when I'm asked.  On occasion, I also require help and am grateful the Church gives us both the opportunity to serve.  After all, it's a core element of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  In the end, we all have that desire to be needed.  Thanks to both my Moms for giving me the chance to serve!

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