Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Oxford Shop - Still a gem for SLC (and for those with big feet!)

In my many years of service on the Salt Lake City Council, I interacted a great deal with Richard "Dick" Wirick or Mr. Downtown.  His endless passion towards keeping downtown vibrant and his persistence in keeping his small shoe store open was unmatched.  That was the irony when he was tragically killed in an accident involving a UTA Buss before he ever got to see the opening of City Creek, across from his store on 100 S, just east of the Salt Palace.  It looked like for a while, that his store might not reopen, when his children didn't have an interest in continuing it.  In stepped in the brother and sister-in-law of Dick's wife, Gunter and Carol Radinger, who opened the business around the time City Creek opened.

I had purchased two pairs of Florsheim shoes, just before Dick was taken from this earth and in his usuall way, was ever so courteous with me, and I felt guilty when he gave me a discount.  They both have lasted a long time, but the black pair (I also purchased a brown pair) were wearing out, so I decided to go back and see if by chance they could order me a new pair.  That's when I met Gunter and Carol and realized what great shop owners they were in continuing the tradition of great service.  I had with me at the time, my daughter Sarah, who also has large feet, (I have size 18!) and both of us had been looking for some shoes.  I sometime have luck at the Nordstrom Rack, but it's very much hit and miss.  Carol Radinger, not only looked at her typical sources, but spent some time looking at different options for me and my daughter.  She called us back a few days later and we went in and for the first time, I not only had choices, but Sarah did as well!  Large shoes are seldom inexpensive, but just having a choice is a big deal.  The Radingers are very patient people, extremely courteous and helped us both get in shoes, where I think they only made a very modest profit for their troubles.  I use to have shoe options in Salt Lake City, but frankly they all went away when local stores sold out, or quit carrying them.  Even some online options have diminished, so what a welcome blessing the Oxford Shop is for Salt Lake City and especially those of us with hard to fit feet!

Whether you have a need for large shoes or not, give the Oxford Shop a try.  There is a good parking on the street at 65 West 100 South or easy access to City Creek across the street, where it's free for the first hour, or $1 for the second hour.  Be sure to tell Carol and Gunter thanks for staying in business!

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