Thursday, November 3, 2011

Collecting those Leaves

As the evenings are getting darker and the weather is turning cooler, it seems like fall is coming quicker than we want. If you have a house that gets more than its fair share of leaves, here is a reminder on the ins & outs of the brown yard waste bins.

The Yard Waste bins will continue to be picked-up weekly to collect your leaves and other compostable items. The weekly pick-up may require that you do leaves in stages or, based on last year, you may have noticed that two cans would be a big help. If you would like to request a second can, a limited number of extra yard waste bins (approximately 450) will be made available free of charge during leaf season. They will be available one per household while supplies last. The City started taking requests October 31 and bins will be delivered within one week of request. To request an extra leaf bin email your name, address and phone number to:
slcstreets@slcgov.comor call 801-535-6999. (At the end of the season, remember to place your extra leaf bin at the curb on January 3 so it can be retrieved.)

Please also remember a few “Leaf Rules” – please do not  place leaf bags in the yard waste bin – these cannot be composted, and they contaminate the reusable materials.  (This even applies to “compostable” or “biodegradable” bags – these are not able to be processed by the compost facility at this time.)  Also, please take precautions to clear gutters of fallen leaves. Clearing the gutters helps greatly with the storm drain system and prevents pooling of water or ice during a storm.

For the soon-to-be-approaching Holiday season, the city will be collecting trees in the Yard Waste bins as well. Since the bin collection will continue weekly throughout the Winter, you may put the tree out in the bin whenever you are ready. If the tree will not fit in your bin, or is too cumbersome to trim, cut & stuff, City crews will also be collecting trees from the curb for two weeks beginning January 9.

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  1. Thanks for the refresher, Carlton! Our family loves the new landscape bins. The leaves seem to have really fallen in the past few days so I guess the time is now!