Wednesday, July 6, 2011

No more watching Studio 5 in our home

Last night upon arriving home, I was informed by Cathy and the girls who had been watching Studio 5, about this great exercise program where you only have to do one exercise a day, but you have to do about 200 reps of that one exercise.  This morning it was crunches.  To not participate, would be highly unsupportive, but I'm thinking to myself, "Self, you haven't even done 200 in your life".

I asked this morning whether this instructor on Studio 5 was buff and thin, of course, she was.  This is really a plot to make me look like a poor dad.  Well, I did participate, but like the Federal Debt, didn't keep track of the repetitions and probably was way south of 200.  I tried to throw a few numbers out there but no believers in the group.

I've never been one of those hardliners who have claimed the communist plot theory, but now I know that Studio 5 is just a front for the movement.

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