Saturday, September 14, 2013

Daring someone is not always a good idea - Maybe living up to it is!

Thanks to Dani Haskett for volunteering to cut my hair and to those who donated
to Primary Children's Medical Center
You know how you make a dare to someone, and then think afterwards, that maybe that wasn't the brightest thing you ever suggested?  Well I have one and it includes myself! A few years ago, in a meeting, I made the comment to a colleague from Sandy, Steve Fairbanks, that if he wore a dress to the Utah League of Cities & Towns general assembly, I would cut off my hair.  Well he did and somehow, he remembered that challenge.  I had hoped his old age, would have left him without memory or somehow he would have found compassion in his soul, but alas, nothing of the sorts.

With the knowledge that I would be leaving office and I had left an undone commitment, I decided to try and make lemonade out of a lemon.  Since I was President of the Utah League of Cities & Towns, I decided take advantage of our annual conference, the 2 year anniversary of the bet, and use my efforts to raise money for Primary Children's Medical Center.  Local officials from around the State made donations and the lady who cuts my hair, Dani Haskett agreed to come cut it for me.  Our theme was Healthy Communities, and every community in the State is served by Primary Children's Hospital.  Now while the length was debated and I did contemplate either a bald cut, or a shorter buzz, the dare never really clarified the length.... Also in my defense, Steve wore a pair of pants under the dress and when I challenged him on it, he correctly pointed out that I had not clarified any conditions of what would be required with the dress.  I think it was a fair exchange.  My hair is shorter than I've ever had it, I did it in public and kept my integrity in check.  Just going to think twice before I dare someone again!

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  1. Disappointed constituent. As a founding member of the Bruce Willis fan club I wanted to see some skin. How about a new bet. I am eager to go. Karl the small giant.