Saturday, January 28, 2012

Clayton Christensen - My Brother - Did a Great Job

It's always a tad awkward to have a family member come make a presentation to a group over whom you have stewardship, but the reality of the situation is that without your involvement, he would probably not have come. Last Wednesday, my brother Clayton was kind enough to come make a presentation to the Utah League of Cities & Towns, Local Officials Day at the Legislature. The audience contained business leaders, local officials, legislators and youth from around the State, about 900 in total.

It's a pretty broad audience by definition and the likelihood of having a message that resonated with everyone is challenging to say the least. If comments received from other local officials is an indication, he did well. It was an honor to have Scott Anderson, President of Zions Bank introduce him (especially since I work there) and it was nice to be joined by family members and friends.

I was also pleased to be able to bring about 20 students from Northwest Middle School to come hear Clayton and just prior to him, Liz Murray, who has an incredible story about getting her own life from the streets of NYC to Harvard. These students, participate in the AVID program with the intent long term of improving their own academic pursuits and subsequently their own lives.

I have a great admiration for all my brothers and feel lucky to be part of my family. Each (including my sisters!) have a different trait they bring to the equation and Clayton is no different. His generosity with his time and means in my behalf has been incredible and I am glad he takes pity on me. With the stroke recently of another local official, it reminds me how amazing it's been that Clayton's stroke was about 18 months ago, yet he speaks on a weekly basis to thousands of individuals. While he can struggle at times with some words, the courage and trust in himself it takes to perform so often, is just amazing to me.

I feel lucky and grateful

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