Sunday, December 18, 2011

Land of Misfit Christmas Decorations-We Have a Place for Yours!

A few years ago our front yard Christmas decorations started looking a little tired and we had wanted to refocus a little more on the Savior's birth.  We decided to replace the front yard decorations with the Nativity scene and figured our Snoopy Santa Clause probably didn't blend too well. 

In looking at other options for Snoopy, three legged reindeer, and partially lit Christmas Tree figures, I realized they still needed some love and could still brighten our lives some more.  I then realized that we have a fruit orchard that lines our back driveway could be the perfect place for misfit Christmas decorations.  It was truly a location of non-consumption, but for these figures it would be dark. Yet we drive in there and see it more than our front yard.  A neighbor gave us all her old Christmas lights, some of which only lit up half a string, but as I draped them over the fruit trees, combining sets to get the full effect, our little wonderland started to take place.  It was actually a nice change, and Snoopy with his cracked nose, continues to remind my kids of the lights of their youth. 

Well, as reindeer began to go to one leg, and sleighs were only 1/3 lit, I've brought myself to finally start throwing sections away and putting the poor animals out of their misery.  This year, things have held their own, but it is starting to need something for future years.  If you happen to find that you have that three legged reindeer or a partially lit Santa that isn't cutting it in your front yard anymore, but don't quite want to throw it away, give me a call or drop me a note, to  Chances are we can provide it a home and give it some love for another year or two.  Every decorations deserves to live until it's last leg!

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